In our modern world of fast pace and instant actions we rarely have a chance to have a moment of stillness, a moment of peace and reflection. While we are racing to get more information, do we give ourselves time to deeply digest it, let it sink in, accept it with our heart?

Our childrens lives are similarly fast paced, where every minute is precious and taken up by an activity. Do you feel that your child might not have enough time to get to know themselves? what they are like? how they feel? what they dream about?

I help creating these peaceful opportunities for children to be with themselves, to explore their feelings, their thoughts and their dreams. I give guidance and teach children in a gentle and imaginative way to:


learn about their body and mind

become aware and regulate

their emotions

relax their body and mind

enhance their confidence

develop a positive mindset

open their hearts in love

and compassion to others

Services for Families


Mindfulness Meditations

Enchanting meditations that help children relax, ease off their worries, unwind their minds and feel calmer. Each meditative story is accompanied by a simple breathing technique and a bespoke designed music. 

As you follow the guide for parents and a follow-up activity, you will find that it is not just a meditation – it is a wonderful toolkit to support your child’s emotional health and  their connection with you. 

Consultations for Parents

Sensitive and mindful solutions to a wide range of social, emotional and behavioural difficulties. This consultation will bring you:

  • simple mindful parenting strategies;
  • tailored ideas and activities for your child;
  • clarity in how to move forward.

1 to 1 sessions

These individual sessions aim to develop children’s mental health and well-being, in particular, self-esteem, resilience and positive mindset.

The sessions are based on my ‘Mindfulness and Mindset Coaching Programme’. It is based on the materials of scientific research in the field of neuroscience and theory of ‘growth mindset’. Each lesson is delivered in a fun and stimulating way gently introducing mindfulness practices.

Services for Schools

I deliver ‘Paws b’ mindfulness programme in primary schools in York. It is a world-leading curricula for classroom-based mindfulness, designed by the ‘Mindfulness in Schools Project’. Their materials are based on rigorous research in clinical psychology and neuroscience.

The programme promotes mental health and well-being, equips children with life skills of being resilient and regulating their thoughts and emotions.


Services for Charities

Educating and caring is something that I find very fulfilling. Helping someone on their path of development and healing is truly empowering, I learn a lot from these experiences myself. I work with various charities in supporting the mental health and well-being of children with additional needs and/or disabilities and adults.


What They Say

The Mindful Steps Stars lilac testimonial

“I’m a mother of 2 wonderful kids. My son, who is 9, is very active, always has a busy mind and active life. He doesn’t know how to relax both his body and his mind. With his busy life he needs to recharge fully and have a good sleep.  When we tried Lena’s meditations,  I couldn’t believe how much he was involved,  how much he imagined, and how relaxed he felt after that. We also follow/try a lot of other practices/advice from Lena’s page, and we already implement some yoga with stretching routines.

My daughter, who is 6 y.o., is more relaxed, less stressed, very good sleeper, she also enjoys relaxing with her brother, and I hope we are building a good base for her mind awareness and  her confidence. It’s great to have this bank of information on mindfulness available any time.”

Yelmira, mum of Timur and Arina

“It was the first meditation for my son and he really liked it! He was charmed by Lena’s voice and asked me few times how could it be so beautiful ! The story behind the meditation is just right for my boy as he believes in and looks for wonders of all kinds. By now we have already listened to another Lena’s meditation (‘Balloon’) which is a very nice practice too ! Many thanks, Lena!”

Olga, mum of Illia

“I just wanted to say thank you for your Parent consultation. I came to see Lena with regards to my child’s worries and issues at school and my own as a result.

Thank you for your knowledge, understanding of child development and great ideas. I will be using the tools and strategies for my child and myself. After our session I felt reassured, confident and ready to carry on. I look forward to work with you in the future.”