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Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”


'Paws b' mindfulness programme

I teach ‘Paws b’ mindfulness programme in primary schools – a tried and tested, world leading curricula designed to enhance children’s mental health, well-being and resilience. The programme is designed by the Mindfulness in Schools Project (MiSP), the most established provider of mindfulness training for schools in UK. The materials are based on rigorous research in clinical psychology and neuroscience. The programme is designed to deliver a perfect balance of:


Knowledge about how our brain works, specifically the processes of cognition, concentration and emotional regulation

Skill-set in being aware of and regulating thoughts and emotions


Both aspects have a significant impact on our mental health and well-being. As well as educating children about how our brain works, the programme has a variety of practical and engaging mindfulness practices that develop participants’ skill-set in understanding and managing their thoughts and emotions.

What are the benefits for pupils?


Well-being and Mental Health:

Children learn to develop a mindful awareness of their emotions (including anxiety, low mood, stress). As well as difficult emotions, young people learn to notice what is going well and flourish, which increases their confidence.

Concentration and Cognition

Mindfulness trains us to understand and direct our attention with greater awareness and skill. This allows them to improve their capacity to concentrate, retain information, plan and make better decisions.

Social and Emotional Learning

Mindfulness is often taught in the context of PSHE. By learning to regulate emotions, children find it easier to develop relationships with their counter parts and family members. Mindful attitude helps pupilsself-esteem, optimism, and, ultimately, happiness.


Mindful awareness of thoughts and emotions may help with young peoples impulse control, oppositional behaviour and aggression.

During the course children will be learning about many things, including:

  • Specific areas of the brain and how these affect our ability to focus, make good choices, recognise when we need to steady ourselves, when our body or mind is busy or out of balance;
  • Ways that mindfulness can support them in many day-to-day activities, including concentration and memory, behavioural self-management; and in relationships with family and friends;
  • Ways to respond rather than react – and therefore make better choices and take best care of themselves and others;
  • Techniques for developing concentration skills to improve performance in sport.

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What They Say

The Mindful Steps Stars lilac testimonial

“We had six sessions of the mindfulness ‘Paws b’ programme and the children really enjoyed it. They continue to use the breathing techniques learnt to help them focus and de-stress. They also really benefited from understanding how the mind works and how much control they have over it. Being able to stay calm and focussed in difficult situations will benefit them massively on thier educational journey and beyond. Thank you Lena for great guidance and delivery of the lessons, you will have a long-term impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the children at Long Marston Primary School.”

Justin Patterson, KS2 Teacher

“Lena is able to create a wonderful rapport with both children and parents thanks to her caring attitude. Her ability to connect with both children and parents/educators is effective and positive. Because Lena’s approach is careful, considerate and professional, she is able to create mindfulness programmes and materials that will help support and inspire young children. I recommend Lean’s mindfulness videos and classroom sessions without reservation, because what you get is genuine, well-thought out and delivered in a calming, supportive manner.”

Francesca, Children's Author