Services for Charities

I deliver mindfulness sessions to children with disabilities and/or additional needs, working with the charity York Inspirational Kids. In our regular sessions I use a ‘multi-sensory’ approach to help children stay engaged and have fun! Storytelling, props, movement and music are used to captivate children’s imagination and make it easier to follow the activities.

It is a true delight to work with these children! I find that children with additional needs are very open to their senses, insightful and very mindful indeed. They connect with their senses very deeply. I teach them various mindful practices and breathing techniques to help them manage their big emotions and feel more grounded. 

Breathing Space group

‘Ways to Wellbeing’ is a service that focuses on increasing access to social prescribing in York. This project is one of the multiple services run by York Centre for Voluntary Services (CVS).

I carry out voluntary mindfulness group sessions for adults who would like to develop their mindfulness skills in order to support their mental health. These sessions, called ‘Breathing Space’, offer participants a space to learn how to be more observant of their thoughts and emotions; feel more grounded through a guided meditation. Participants really appreciate the social aspect of these sessions in a supportive environment.


What They Say

The Mindful Steps Stars lilac testimonial

“I am very pleased that I made mindfulness one of those new experiences I tried during the pandemic, as I have found it to be of great benefit to my wellbeing and mental health.

Lena’s guided meditation and reflection during the weekly mindfulness sessions at ‘Breathing Space’ are a real treat for us all. I am sure that I am not the only person in the group that looks forward to Thursday morning! I am certain that these times have been an ‘oasis of calm’ for us all. Having experienced meditation with the group, I now spend some time each day meditating.”   


“I have been doing the mindfulness sessions for over 3 months now and it has become a big part of my life. Lena provides a safe space where we can openly talk about our feelings in these difficult times and support each other with them.

She creates beautiful meditations using visualisations that help us to come out more calm, strong and confident. She also teaches us about being more observant about ourselves and the world around us, to try and avoid judgements.

I noticed that I feel more calm and focused, my mental health has improved despite the uncertainty of covid-19 outbreak and I use the techniques she taught us in my day to day life. I often remind myself of powerful images she created for us and that brings me back to being more grounded even if things get a bit difficult. Thank you Lena!”