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The Mindful Steps Stars lilac testimonial

“We have nearly completed our course of mindfulness coaching with Lena and we are so thrilled with our son’s progress. Lena has helped build a greater understanding of emotions, confidence, self esteem and a more positive attitude, all things our son finds tricky. She has gone above and beyond to tailor the sessions and activities to suit our son’s interests in order to ensure he engages with them.

We have noticed a real difference in his attitude and it’s wonderful to see him using the skills he has learnt with Lena to help him navigate himself through situations he finds difficult. The support and guidance Lena has and continues to give us, is invaluable. Lena’s knowledge is extensive, her library of resources seems never ending, she is approachable and always on hand to help in any way she can, she has such a kind and caring nature. Lena is one of a kind and we are so very grateful to have her help to guide us through our journey.”

Anouska, mum of Albie

“Lena, thank you very much for such a brilliant gift. This was the second meditation I did with my son. He really enjoyed it (actually he was looking forward to it). I highly recommend it for your kids before going to bed. It calms them down and creates a foundation for future discussions around the topic/possible continuation of the story. You couldn’t wish for a better present during these challenging times!”

Oksana, mum of Bogdan