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Fun free resources to help children be more mindful of their body, their emotions and the world around them. These mindfulness skills help children understand and embrace who they are. This is a foundation for developing their resilience, self-esteem and positive mindset.

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Audio, video resources and advice: breathing techniques, kids’ meditations, yoga and other calm activities.


What They Say


“Lena is able to create a wonderful rapport with both children and parents thanks to her caring attitude. Her ability to connect with both children and parents/educators is effective and positive. Because Lena’s approach is careful, considerate and professional, she is able to create mindfulness programmes and materials that will help support and inspire young children. I recommend Lean’s mindfulness videos and classroom sessions without reservation, because what you get is genuine, well-thought out and delivered in a calming, supportive manner.”

Francesca, Children's Author

“I would like to highly recommend Lena as a mindfulness coach! Lena’s gentle and caring voice helped my 12 years old daughter , 16 years old son and even myself to relax with her meditations and feel the greatness of our life even during the lockdown and online school overload! We loved the time being led by Lena’s tender voice through the imaginary lands and skies with the group of other families online. It must be something fairy in Lena’s demeanor, but even the teenagers are in love with these meditations! I wish more and more families could feel the magic of Lena’s kind care!”

Ann, mum of Iva and Tima

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