‘Charming Forest’ Meditation

This guided meditation is designed especially for children to help them relax, ease off their worries and feel calm. It also helps developing compassion and dealing with stress. In this enchanting story you will explore a beautiful forest and might find a friend and a wondrous place. The meditation is 13 minutes long and is recommended for children, age 5-12 years.

This meditation is part of a digital album “Peaceful Discoveries”. The stories in the album are individually crafted with bespoke music, enchanting settings and topics of mental and emotional health, such as: compassion, confidence, dealing with worries and more.

Enjoy this meditation with your little one and if you would like more, you can get the whole album which contains 5 audio tracks, resources for parents and ‘calm challenges’ for kids.


What They Say


“My youngest 6yrs has been using this meditation every day for a week now. It’s really helping her to relax at bedtime. She is starting to understand about ‘letting go’ of sad things that have happened that day, upsets or things that worry her. Very helpful! Thank you Lena!”

Beverley, mum of Abigail and Grace

“Thank you Lena so much for this meditation! Both children and I absolutely love it! So magical and relaxing with beautiful background music on too! A real treat for us all!”

Jessica, mum of Ted

“My 10 y.o. son really enjoys listening Lena’s meditation before bed. Her voice is very soothing and calms his mind. He says that he feels happier after the meditation and falls asleep quite quickly. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.!I also love the fact that I can choose between 2 languages: English and Russian :)”

Ekaterina, mum of Matvej